Most of my week is spent with Whitehouse Presbyterian Church. Whitehouse is one of the most welcoming places I have ever been. It is an incredible church that has gone through much in the past few years. In 2002, the church was burnt down by an arson attack. Since then, the church has worked hard to bridge the gap between Protestant and Catholics and bring peace to its community. Our pastor, Rev. Liz Hughes, is very active in the peacemaking process. The church reopened in 2005 with a bigger and more active congregation. Unfortunately, the building flooded in August of 2008, which has made the building completely unusable until March of 2009. Until then, we are using about ten different buildings each week for all of our different programs.

Even with the flood, the church is still running a large amount of programs every week.
Some of the programs I'm involved with are:

SWAT - Our Sunday night youth group
Girls Brigade
Boys Brigade
Coffee Morning on Tuesdays
Bowls - a game similar to bocce ball, but a lot harder
Alpha - a program we run on Wednesday nights where anyone, Christian or non-Christian can come and talk 
             about their views on faith
Youth Alpha - in spring 2009
Lunch Club on Thursdays
Home Visits